Art & Culture Funding

Art & Culture Funding

Benefits of Art & Culture

Art and culture benefit us economically, socially and educationally. Public funding is vital to support this incredible national resource.

Culture plays an intrinsic role in enriching the lives of the next generation through education. It yields benefits for society including protecting our health and wellbeing and promoting social inclusion.

Art and culture represent excellent value for money:

  • Public investment in the arts is currently equivalent to 0.1 per cent of total government spending
  • Art and culture are worth over £7 billion to our economy
  • For every £1 of public funding, £5 of tax is contributed by the arts and culture industry
  • Art and culture incubate talent, providing more than one in 20 jobs in the UK.

Arts Council England

The support of Arts Council England allows the Serpentine Galleries to maintain free admission to its Exhibition, Architecture and Design Programmes.

The Serpentine receives 14% of its annual operating income from Arts Council England and raises the balance from a range of corporate supporters, private donors, charitable trusts and earned income.

The Serpentine raises more than £6 for every £1 of public funding received.

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Monday, 30th November 2015
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